Our neighbors in Pike Place Market

Being part of Pike Place Market is to be a part of a very unique community of artists and shops.  Please visit our neighbors when you do visit the market and check out their stores below

Orange Dracula


Patrick Kerrs Architect Drawings


Gradient Art Gallery


Chin Music Press


Our Fabric Stash


Creating our YouTube playlist, I have found some very talented musicians. Please check out and like the following musicians

Kentauros Owen translates my favorite songs into Japanese and then rocks with just a ukelele and gazoo -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAJnS93f3TwlkW4VFOtDSkQ

She's Korean, not Japanese, but I don't care, Luna Lee plays rock classics on a gayageum, a Korean instrument similar to a Japanese Koto. Hear your favorite songs like you've never heard them.