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  • What does 'Osara Commissary' mean?
    'Sara' means plate in Japanese, and by adding an 'O' you are showing respect for the plate. Traditionally a commissary despenses food for an institution like the Market. Originally over one third of the farmers and merchants in Pike Place Market were Japanese until the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW2. We wanted to bring back an updated vision of Japan to the market and introduce people to Japanese food and culture.
  • How much is shipping and where do you ship?
    Shipping to the continental USofA is a flat rate $5.00. So buy more and save! Sadly shipping anywhere else is usually price prohibitive. If you are willing to pay the costs, we will be happy to check the actual cost and then send our product anywhere. But we would much rather you came to visit us at the Market in downtown Seattle.
  • What is your return policy?
    Following the Japanese tradition. We have a no returns, no exchange policy both instore and online. Please don't order unless you are sure you want it. However if you order something online and it arrives damaged enroute, then we will happily refund the item in question once the item is returned..
  • Where are you in Pike Place Market.
    We are located "Down Under", in the Fairley building at 1501 Pike Place. The famous Market clock and famed fish market are on the sixth floor of the Fairley building on Pike Place. We are located beneath the flying fish on the third floor. If you see the magic shop, you are on the fourth floor and we are almost directly below. Keep looking. You can also reach the Fairley building from Western Avenue and avoid the crowds.
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