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 An unique collection of new and vintage items from Japan

Welcome to our soft opening. Please bear with us while we work the bugs out

This is Amabie, a Japanese yokai or spirit. She is a three legged mermaid with a body covered in scales and a beak nose who comes out of sea to prophesize good harvests and pandemics. Keeping a drawing of an Amabie is suppose to ward off the pandemic. "Draw a picture of me and show it to those who fall ill and they will be cured. Please download Amabie or draw your own.

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         Click the icon above to

         hear your favorite songs

     like you've never heard them.

   Check out Osara Commissary on

   Youtube to hear over 200 classic

   western songs in Japanese with

a few catchy Japanese songs as well.

                   Some of the art featured in our Store

Osara Print ; Sexy Cat on the beach.jpg
Osara Original ; not edible コレ、.jpg
Osara Print; Yoda Barnes.jpg
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